How to Get ToON Token

To facilitate widespread participation and engagement within the ToON DAO ecosystem, acquiring ToON tokens is made accessible through multiple avenues. This section outlines how individuals can obtain ToON Tokens and become valued stakeholders in the ToON DAO.

Buy on the Market: One of the primary ways to acquire ToON tokens is by purchasing them on the market. ToON Tokens will be available for trading on DEXs and other reputable trading platforms. This allows interested individuals to directly acquire ToON Tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, promoting liquidity and accessibility.

Minting ToON Tokens: Another way to purchase ToON Tokens is through minting. Minting involves the creation of new ToON Tokens based on predefined rules and parameters.

Bounty Program: The ToON DAO recognizes the importance of community-driven growth and aims to incentivize active participation and promotion of the project. We have established a comprehensive bounty program as part of our commitment to engaging the community. By actively promoting the project and bringing new members on board, participants can earn ToON tokens as rewards. This incentivized approach encourages individuals to contribute to the expansion of the ToON, increase the stakeholder population, and address the issue of onboarding newcomers to the ecosystem. Later we'll provide additional information about our bounty program.

Why Minting Price Is Changing

We believe in creating a sustainable ecosystem for our token and its stakeholders. To achieve this, we have implemented a unique mechanism that gradually increases the cost of minting each new token. By doing so, we encourage responsible growth and minimize the risk of market manipulations. The steady and predictable increase in the value of the mint ensures a more stable token supply, reducing the volatility that often plagues other projects.