ToON Token Use Cases

Early Access for new products / features in our ecosystem-apps

Token holders enjoy exclusive privileges by gaining early access to upcoming features and products within our ecosystem. This includes opportunities for beta testing, sneak peeks, demonstrations, and priority access to limited releases, allowing them to stay ahead and be part of our project's evolution.

Governance and Voting Power in DAO

Our token holders can actively participate in the DAO's decision-making processes. The number of tokens a user owns directly influences the weight of their vote, giving them a say in shaping the project's future.

L2 Governance

ToON also serves as an L2 governance token, with holders having the ability to influence and execute on-chain decisions.

Charitable Donations

ToON Tokens simplify charitable contributions. Holding ToON tokens signifies a user's support for charitable causes, as all funds generated during the minting process are dedicated to charitable endeavors by DAO members. By holding ToON tokens, users actively contribute to positively impacting various charitable initiatives.

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