Note on Roadmap Differences:

This GitBook provides a detailed roadmap of our project's future plans, offering in-depth insights for those seeking comprehensive information. In contrast, our website hosts a simplified version, tailored for quick and easy understanding by a broader audience.

  1. Publish GitBook

  2. Develop and Implement: a. Smart Contract b. ToON Token c. DAO Mechanism

  3. ToonCoin App launch

  4. Publish GitBook

  5. Create Unique NFTs Tailored for Early Adopters

  6. Official ToON public sale

  7. List ToON Token on DEXes

  8. Launch Community Bounty Program

  9. Initiate Layer 2 Network Design

  10. Establish Connections with Popular Blockchain Platforms

  11. Strengthening Ecosystem through Partnerships and Collaborations

  12. Product Development for Accelerated Web3 Adoption: a. Introduce ToON Digital Identity b. Integrate ToON Token into ToonCoin App c. Launch ToON Wallet

  13. Conduct R&D on Layer 2 (L2) ToON Chain

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